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Floris shave soap 14.99

Hey guys, I just ordered one of each of the following. I should recieve them by the 29th, and will let you know how my order went ( first order w/ this place.) Cheers, DJ.

JF Floris shave soap wooden bowl $14.99
Floris Elite shave soap wooden bowl $14.99
Penhaligons Endymion shave cream $19.99
Shipping $6.95 or free w/ order over $100.00 :biggrin:

Just an update, all goods arrived safe and sound, I cant wait to try the Penhaligons cream.:tongue_sm
joel said:
That place looks mighty sketchy.... be sure to let us know how the transaction goes.

Yeah I know, but my order has shipped, I will post as soon as my order arrives. Cheers, DJ.
Penhaligons Endymion is out of this world.. wow a shaving soap with that scent would be... well out of this world... I hope.
PLEASE PLEASE try the ENDYMION first , I was impressed by the sample cologne Penhaligons send me. well for me smell is important but it really must be good lather is my first priority , good smell bad lather we dont need that at B&B.

could I tempt you to do a 2 pass with Endymion and then a 2 pass with Elite Floris soap .. id get 2 reviews in one go.
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