Floid Blue EDT versus Myrsol Blue Cologne versus ???

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by DorsetBlue, May 15, 2019.

    I have discovered Floid Blue-alike AS, in this case Epsilon Blue Mediterranean. For an AS, is seems to have a reasonable longevity but, it would be nice to maybe extend it a little (especially as the SO is rather fond of the fragrance too).
    In the UK, Floid Blue EDT seems to still be available from a number of sources for reasonable prices. Myrsol Blue Cologne is also similar in price (although in theory containing more for the money, might need more for an equivalent effect though?).
    Has anybody tried both of these and can provide a recommendation? Or even come up with alternatives with very similar fragrance (hopefully readily available in the UK or EU)?
  1. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    Congrat's on finding Floid Blue locally!
    Suggest you stockpile!!

    palmira rooney thiers issard floid may 16 2018.jpg
  2. I've never tried it, but perhaps Barrister & Mann Cool Eau de Cologne? The Cool aftershave does smell similar to Floid Blue, and I am guessing the EDC is a stronger version of their aftershave. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. Yes, heard that. Unfortunately B&M is not currently available in Europe (although they are working on it apparently).
  4. Turns out 'locally' was not quite true. All of the sources were in Spain. Found a reasonably priced one and bought two bottles, which arrived yesterday.
    Wearing today, all is good.
  5. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    I've had both Spanish Floid Blues, the after shave and the EDT , they are both great, but the scent is different...In the " ball park " , but different.

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