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First try with a brush

First things first: you should not be getting that many weepers daily. You need to change your technique. There are basically two ways to get a weeper, and many of us employed both at the same time when we were at the beginning of this journey.

1. Too much pressure. Use less, and then cut that in half. If you're not dropping the razor in the sink you've got plenty. Easy and immediately available.

2. Wrong razor angle. Everyone goes through this learning curve, and it's not as easy to fix as the pressure, but you'll get there. If you roll the razor too far back on the cap you'll eventually lift the blade off your face. Since that would obviously cut nothing it's a rare problem. If you go too far the other way you can make it easier to produce weepers. You're going to need to experiment a little, but I suggest you start by rolling back toward the cap.

Poor lather can make it easier to get weepers, but not a face full.
Pretty sure it's too much pressure, the Henson sorta forces you to use the right angle or it doesn't cut anything. I've gotten better at the pressure, so I don't usually get a ton of weepers, but I almost always manage to give myself a couple. I was probably hurrying too much at the end yesterday.

GSB is a fine blade, but it's very sharp. Are you sure you need a blade that sharp? You might find fewer weepers at this point with a blade of more average sharpness. Nevertheless, the blade doesn't cause weepers, but sharper blades can make them easier to produce with poor technique.
I've tried probably 10-12 blades over the past 6 months. Looking to settle on one to buy 100 of (or at least a few tucks) in the next couple months to remove that variable and just focus on technique.

good luck and let us know! There is a good youtube video for this approach, just don’t have it here
Not sure if it's the same one, but someone linked to a youtube from mantic59 here yesterday. I didn't have a chance to watch it or reply last night and it was removed, probably against forum rules to link it. But I found it and watched today, he lathered from a mug but it still had some good tips. I know geofatboy has some great videos too, I should watch those again, it's been a few months and I was just getting started and not paying attention to lathering technique.
Thanks for the feedback so far, I appreciate it all even if I didn't reply directly.

Sounds like generally I need a bit less cream and a bit more water. But better to start with too little water than too much, I just need to add more than I did. I'll give it another go tomorrow.
You can facelather any cream, soap, crop, canned goo etc etc, they all works. Start with damp brush, and add water from your free hand to the brush. Just few drops at time, and lather. Then little more, and again..... Repest this and what lather you like most.
@T Bone, you might not be wrong at all, just try out some modifications:

1. as seen on YT for Italian barbers when use shave cream, they smear on face a bit of everywhere from that 2-3cm finger size. If you're into face-lathering, try first applying that same amount as light smear over moustaches, chin, cheeks etc. Then soak brush in water, shake 1-2 times, so it's not dripping wet and dip tips of brush in water every now and then while lathering, as needed. Cream and lather would be more uniformly spread over face surface. Just my thought, easier to start, easier to control, worth trying IMO. Make sure to rotate brush, so any accumulated water in center of brush is squeezed out and mixed with lather. Don't just splay brush bristles, use painting motions to "reshape" brush to initial form frequent during lathering, it will also help keeping lather consistent (no sudden water droplets, or unmixed cream bulks)

2. For GSB, I noticed that although being fine blades, for me - they have some weird point of "blade breaking" when I get strange amount of weepers :eek2: usually happens on 2-3rd shave. After that "troublesome" shave, it continues performing just fine... often pulls out even 6 or 7 shaves in total. But still that "breaking" point is something I notice in GSB, so keep an eye on it.
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