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First Brush/ Cream

Hey guys,

I'm getting into this and I am looking for a somewhat cheap brush and cream. I like the classic old spice scent, so I might get a tube or two of that, but in the way of inexpensive-- yet effective brushes I need suggestions.

On ebay Virtual Village offers excellent silvertip badger brushes for around $20 shipped. Outstanding value and performance for creams.
I use a Tweezerman, got it from Amazon, pretty reasonable price wise, something like 11 bucks, I think it works great. I also have a boar hair one from Walmart, I think it was 9 bucks...I only use this when I travel, won't feel too bad if I leave it behind.
Musgo Cream... it's got lanolin! Should be about $10.

Eidt: I originally accidentally typed Proraso Cream. I meant Musgo. I use both, but believe only Musgo has lanolin.
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How about the old Burma shave?

See B&B here: click

And for a nice offer with a mug and soap: click here

I think not, the Burma Shave soap receives rather poor reviews:


VDH Deluxe, available at most Wal-Marts for $2.00 per puck receives raving reviews from many people (including me, I love it):


VDH 80% rating, Burma Shave 64% rating!

My recommendation, would be the Tweezerman brush, which is a good starter badger hair brush, and either some VDH Deluxe, or some Proraso shaving cream (available locally from your Bath and Body Works as "C.O. Bigelow Premium Shaving Cream".) VDH will be about $2.00 per puck ,and the Proraso $5/$10 per tube, depending on the tube size.

You can also go to your local "Rite Aid", and pick up "The Real Shaving Company" shaving cream, for $5.00 a tube. The quality is about the same as "Taylor of Old Bond Street", but it's less than half the cost. :biggrin:
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Proraso tube and Omega boar brush - all cheap. I think these are good to start with but you might want to try badger brushes. Be careful you don't get into the frenzy of buying and collecting!
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