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First 3 DE experiences

Well, I've been wet shaving for awhile now (cartridge and occasional straight razor) but just got into DE shaving. About a week and a half ago I received my new Futur in the mail along with a tub of Dr. Harris lavender shaving cream :smile: (nice stuff). Along with the razor and cream I ordered a pack of Merkur razors and a pack of Derby's.
First shave wasn't that great. I didn't have problems above the neck (I have a mustache and goatee) except for some minor razor burn. But below the neck was worse; although the shave was fairly close it hurt; got a few small nicks and very uncomfortable razor burn. After that shave I popped in a Derby and had a little more success. Today was the best yet! I did about 3 passes. With the grain, sideways, and then against. My neck hairs grow the opposiste way as my face and are the hardest area for me. I used that method where you do very short chipping shaves. Very good shave overall, maybe the best I've had.
Just wanted to share my first DE experience! :tongue:
Glad to see things are coming along. Remember, that Futur you are using can be mighty aggressive. Be sure to use as little perssure as possible. It will also take a few weeks for your face to adjust to DE shaving. Be patient and everything should work out fine in the end. Be sure to let us know how things progress.
Congratulations! Sounds like you are ahead of the curve. :smile:

Reading your post, and the enthusiasm between the lines, reminds me that there are twin benefits to this new obsessio. . .er, I mean, this new hobby of yours. . .

a. the improved closeness of the shave

b. the sensuous nature of the experience: the smells of the shave creams, after shaves and colognes; the feel of the warm lather caressing your face; the "pinging" sounds of the scarily sharp razor blade slicing through your beard, etc.

The most fun I have each morning is trying to decide which of the 2 benefits I enjoyed more during that particular shave. Such problems. . .:redface:
Many people have problems in the neck area when starting out. Irritation usually decreases with time and improvement of technique.

The neck is the bane of many shavers for several reasons. Your beard is generally tougher in the neck area, so shave it last during each pass. For some it's difficult to get a read on "the grain" of the beard on the neck. And finally, it's the toughest part of the shave to achieve the proper angle. Stretching is imporant on the neck as well. Just take your time.

The one factor that made the MOST difference in the neck area for me was Blade Angle. Because of the curves/hills/valleys of this terrain, you may think that your blade angle is good but still be enough off to garner irritation. This is something that just kind of worked itself out after many shaves.
Ditto, ditto, ditto...

Stick with it and you won't believe how much smoother your neck will get after a few weeks/to a month of wetshaving... All the red blotchiness and bumps that I had from the Fusion simply dissapeared like, well, like a bad rash.

Just keep at it. (And you made me want to try the Derby blades... Now it's off to Google to find some Derbys. Thanks.)
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