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Finished- Carnival contest # 5... Your favorite thread on B&B

My favorite thread was probably from Ambrose's Renovare thread showing his restorations:

It further led me to buy a straight razor from him, which then convinced me to also buy one of his strops. I figured in doing so I was supporting someone from the community and buying a product that would help me learn to use a straight. Ambrose is great to deal with as well.

This thread also led me to check out other works that people were doing with straight razors. I was so amazed by all the art and craft that a few have put into them. True works of usable art. Simple amazing.

The feature that I have enjoyed recently is the gallery. I enjoy being able to see all the random images from people. Everything from food to razors. You get an image to kinda see the personalities on the boards. Fun stuff.
It may seem a little dull and predictable at first glance but I've got to say my favorite is -- and will be for QUITE some time -- the Wet Shaving Instructions & Tutorials sticky thread.

Why? THREE reasons:
  1. Because, when you're a newbie, it's the first real bite you get to take out of the steak
  2. Because, as you become more experienced it's the place you check back with now and then for that little tidbit you may be missing or have forgotten
  3. And, once your game is aces, it's where you return to in order to pass on and share your knowledge with those who need it most

All in all, I'd say it's the heart of the forum -- the place that gets visited most... the start of the journey for the student... and dojo of the sage.
This is where I spent most of my time when I was first thinking of transitioning to the world of wet shaving. The newbie check in section showed me a lot of mistakes I could avoid and introduced me not only to Wiki's but to searching as well!

The newbie check in area led me not only to mantic's videos where I learned my technique but to reputable online stores to purchase all my DE needs.

From a photo of the WMTR sitting on Lt. Audie Murphy's headstone to a video of Tom shaving with it in the Delaware River, to Geronimo's grave, a Civil War battlefield, the only remaining sod house, and the Hollywood sign on the mountain, to Bear Bryant's statue to the streets of Nashville ---- a totally unique occurrence supported by and confined to B&B and the members here. This is a feat that will probably never again be duplicated, dedicated to the art of straight razor shaving. Those of us who were fortunate to participate will always think of B&B in a different way as a result of our collective efforts.

THIS is my favorite thread. I was having a hard time getting a good lather from my shave stick until I found it. Thanks Joel.

And I just read THIS and had to throw it in, looks like a instant classic to me. Mama bears new fragrance line.

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