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GIVEAWAY! B&B Awesome Thread Contest

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Badger & Blade is launching a weekly Newsletter to allow members to keep up on hot events here on the Forum.
It gives those who receive it the opportunity to read offline and at their leisure hot topics and popular items from Badger & Blade.

To kick off the launch of our Newsletter we are holding a Newsletter Contest.

Are the chances of winning a $50 gift card redeemable at the Captains Choice store interesting to you?
How about Two chances?

One $50 gift card from Badger & Blade and one $50 gift card courtesy of our very own Captain Pre-Capsize and his Captain's Choice line of shaving goods will be awarded to two select winners of the contest.
Captain’s Choice has just started offering gift cards for their products, which is going to make Holiday Gift giving much easier this year!

How does the Contest work?

Post in this thread links to the awesome threads or topics you would use if you were making a newsletter here. The more links the better. But remember - these have to be threads that razzle and dazzle and wow the reader in your opinion.

The Contest is open now, and will run through Friday 08 October 2021 at 6:00 pm Central Standard Time US.
All entries will be reviewed and winners will be selected through a blind vote conducted by our 15 member Newsletter Curator Team.

The winners will have the highest number of awesome threads in their post, with duplicate threads cancelling each other out. Meaning - If you link to "How to shave your dog" and "Lilac Vegetal soup recipe", and another member links to "How to shave your dog" and "Famous North Korean single malt Whiskeys" then "How to shave your dog" is not counted in your overall total. You're not likely to get a lot of votes with threads that are tedious and sleep inducing walls of text.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 13 October 2021 at 6:00 pm Central Standard Time US in this thread.
Winners will also be informed by Private Message, and instructed on how to redeem their gift cards.

Good luck and have fun!

This contest is not open to Moderators, Ambassadors or Moderator Emeritus Members as these members may serve on the Newsletter Curator Team.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish not to receive the B&B Newsletter, you can opt in or out any time by checking or unchecking the “Receive news and update emails” box in Your Preferences.
Alternatively every newsletter will have an option to unsubscribe.
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Not in for the gift card but I’ll make some suggestions anyway.

The Great Blade Exchange seems like a good thread to blast out -

If It will go out before the Auction then one of the info threads for the auction seems fitting

Marco’s interview. Because he’s a Merit Award Winner and an icon here

A wall of text but some good info for the new members that might see the newsletter -

A coti restoration perhaps? Got photos at least

How bout a thread giving the supporting vendors a shout out? Maybe one thread per newsletter?
you can start with Captain’s Choice and his new product launch

Took me about 10 minutes to think of and compile these threads. Easy work for a chance to win 50 bucks worth of swag from Captains Choice! Come on folks what other suggestions y’all got?!
Hmm, here are a few thread suggestions:

I realized I've achieved contentment - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/i-realized-ive-achieved-contentment.613587

a couple more:

here's a few
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