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Fine Fresh Vetiver


my brain goes "thonk"
What does this smell like? I saw a review by a British gentleman who said it smells like clean linen and thought to myself I want to try that. Does anyone have any recommendations on anything that smells like freshly washed bed sheets having on a clothes line on a nice spring day?

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Agree with the linen comment!

I liked the soap so much, went back and got the aftershave.

Think it's based on a Tom Ford, but clean linen it is - IMO.

I have some FINE fresh Vetiver & it is a nice fragrance with some staying power. I would recommend it, How to describe the fragrance is hard for myself.
I did some reviews of aftershaves and splashes that might help you.
Fine Fresh Vetiver: When you first apply this great aftershave the Vetiver's fresh scent is there and then a nice mild burning effect from the alcohol and then a cooling effect from the methanol while the whole time the unique souring scent(that is what comes to mind) is clinging to the skin.:001_wub:
I bought this one from a youtube recommendation "Nick Shaves" who also uses it and he enjoys Vetiver.
Scent strength: 4/10 that is not strong but has some staying strength 3-5hrs but enjoyable for myself.
Reactions: No complaints from folks around me and of course the wife, I think she likes this one. There is the first minute a mild alcohol stinging burn that some like and then a slightly cooling effect (Menthonal) that you do not get with most Aftershaves that is really unique IMO (Warm To Cool). Skin had no irritations and looking forward to using this great treat of a aftershave splash.
I've heard the scent described as modern boardroom. Guerlain Vetiver is traditional boardroom where everybody's smoking. I'm not old enough to know whether the latter is true. It's a good work scent. The rooty vetiver smell isn't over the top.
This has become one of my very favorite fragrances. Very sophisticated. Understated. Magnifcent! Today’s shave was the FV soap/AS combo. ftw!
Hmm I have this and used it recently. It's pleasant and inoffensive but I don't get linen at all from my example. It reminds me more of a cologne type smell than a fresh and clean smell. Although as far as colognes go, it is a fresher kind of scent.

I hope I didn't muddy the waters with my description. I'm not the best at separating out different scent notes.
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