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Finding Replacement Scales

So, I’ve not been in the realm of straight razors terribly long. Long enough to get a DFS without bleeding, and my stropping technique is no longer nicking the strop. My honing- I think I’m a natural with still a lot to learn but I’m shaving off my yellowlake and that thing has caused me to want an ILR- and become a big believer when it comes to slate.

ANYWAY- I’ve got 2 new straight razors and 7 vintage. All honed by me. I have one razor that needs replacement scales but it’s a 13/16”. I’m only seeing “fits most 5/8” or “fits most 6/8”, but I’m not finding the right size. So where should I search for scales? Nothing fancy- no more than $30-

Also- how crucial are pivot washers? Are they an absolute essential item? Never heard of them until I began fixing this razor up- the razor I replaced the scales on earlier had no pivot washers- so it makes me wonder how neurotic I need to be not having them?

Thanks for your insight!
If you are willing to do the assembly yourself there are some for sales on eBay and etsy in your price range. I have bought several in exotic wood and bones from an ebay seller named Globalwoods.
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