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Finally saw what I was missing

So, today I check my mailbox and, surprise! My goodies have finally arrived! A block of Col.Conk's amber shaving soap, badger brush, and a small sampler assortment of blades, Derby, Lord, Feather, etc.

So I grabbed my old Gillette razor, popped a Derby in, found a suitable coffee cup for the soap, jumped in the shower for a bit to soften the whiskers, and set to work.

I was worried that I'd have trouble getting a decent lather, but I was wrong, anyone should be able to get something usable and thanks to Mantic's vids on Youtube I had a lathered up brush pretty quick.

I only made two passes, and I'm plenty happy with the results. I do have a few rough spots and a touch of razor burn on the neck, but hey. disposable razors were giving me a crappy shave and razorburn EVERYWHERE :mad:

Quite an improvement!
Congratulations on a your first(?) wetshave. Col. Conk is easy to lather and is a good soap for shaving. Not one of my favorites but it's a huge step up from Williams. Have fun with your new hobby.
Thanks guys!

Ray, I've used a DE razor maybe a dozen times before this, but this is the first time I've had decent blades instead of the old vintage things I got with the razor, and the first time I haven't used goop in a can.
Hah...Actually I'm pretty broke...

But, I'm hoping that if I can stick to one brush, one soap or cream at a time, and find blades I like and can buy in superbulk, then I'll actually save money.

Just like lots of the other people here.



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