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Feather Pre-shave ?

I was thinking about ordering some of the Feather ASB, and was wondering if anyone has tried the Feather Pre-shave? The description says that it can be applied directly to the face, or mixed in with your shaving cream or soap.
Cheers, DJ.
The Feather Pre-Shave is a white, milky liquid without any noticeable scent. I've used it both as a pre-shave application and have also added it to soaps. Both methods have worked well for me.

It does work very well as a pre-shave, I've never used a "hair" conditioner on my face but this Feather PreShave would be the closest alternative to using a conditioner. It helps to soften the whiskers and leaves your skin very moist. This is the only product I apply to my face before lathering, as oils just do not work for me (or, I can't get them to work for me).

If you apply this Feather PreShave and then a hot towel.....wow!
I am really tempted to order the Feather Preshave. Do you guys still use it? Is the bottle plastic?

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