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Favorite Knot Size

Favorite knot diameter +/- 1 mm

  • 22 mm or less

  • 24 mm

  • 26 mm

  • 28 mm

  • 30 mm or greater

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Ignoring the cost, what is your favorite knot diameter? Which of the following choices works best for your tastes?
Ignoring the cost, what is your favorite knot diameter? Which of the following choices works best for your tastes?
Zenith Boar B35 - 31x57mm is my locked/four/brush. My backup brush Zenith Boar B27 - 28x57mm

Fully broken-in the B35 softness is between my two band and silvertip badgers. Softness with an availability of an effective scrub if desired or needed. A difficult combination for other brush types. I’m a face & head shaver. Lather requirements are managed with luxurious efficiency.

24-26. Probably in between is the sweet spot for me. I'm not into the huge knots- use up way too much soap and take too long to work into a lather. I think that if i shaved once or twice or week i'd probably enjoy a 26-28 more.


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I've had them from 14 mm up to 30 .. the ones I've retained to this point average a knot size of 24.2 mm. I also think the bigger ones tend to waste lather.
That's one big boar.
It’s like rolling a big soft pillow over your skin. I think it’s the sixth boar I’ve used. Of course big brushes do use a little more lather. Shaving face & head, a larger skin area is handled more efficiently with a larger brush. Matching size to the job. Would you paint a garage door with a trim paint brush?
Badger 22, Synthetic 24, Boar 26.

I use Synthetic the most so I selected 24 for the poll. Believe it or not, I'm not a fan of Badger brushes. Badger feels good on the face, but I want the soap on my face and not in the brush. Badger brushes fight me for the soap, so I like smaller knots. I love boar brushes and I like them on the large size.
Agree with @garyg on lather wastage. I like a precision instrument, what with my frequently shifting facial hair landscape. 18 to 22mm is a great range. I loft my regular use customs low to limit blooming. Scrub, scrub, scrub.

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Badger brushes, I enjoy badger brushes, 22-24 mm works well.
Synthetic brushes, 22-24 & 26mm are my favorites.
Boar brushes, 22-24mm works well for myself.
These knots are set by factory standard loft heights when bought seem to work mostly.
If a person likes a soft luxury synthetic knot the 26mm works for myself.
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