Favorite clone fragrances?

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    Ive always used Drakkar noir , Polo (green), Armani (aqua edt) I’m reading on some of these sites that have clone fragrances. Stirling and Captains both have takes on creed colognes. How close are they to the real deals? Any recommendations on some new fragrances for me based on what I like that I mentioned above? Thanks
  1. Belcam's drakkar noir is a pretty good edt at $8 or so.
    Just started a aftershave sample of stirling sharp dressed man, which I think is a clone of creed green irish tweed. I don't have enough of either to give a good side by side comparison though.
  2. @Pivo Slump .... Sharp dressed man , mountain man and executive man were the three I was wondering about from Stirling. How do you like the SDM?
  3. Sdm is really good and my better half loves it. I'm definitely going to buy the regular size bottle, but like I say I'm not sure how close it is to creed's GIT.

    I highly recommend picking up some samples from stirling and try them.
  4. I really like Fire for Men by Mirage as a Dior Fahrenheit clone. Sure, it's probably not as good, but since Fahrenheit is one of THE most expensive EDT at Walmart--just over $50 for just over an ounce-- Fire has to be one of the better deals to scent comparisons I have found.

    Belcam's Polo, Polo Red, and Polo Supreme Oud are all great. So is their Obsession clone and Drakkar.

    Yacht Man red is decent for Dunhill Desire, but I would just spring for Desire. I got it for $12.99 at Ross.

    Stirling's Stirling Green is a pretty good match for Polo if you already have the cologne. It is only soap and aftershave. If you're interested, I would get it before their supply runs out.
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    The Belcams have some fans around here. Some (Polo Green) are very close.

  6. Walmart's G Eau, a clone of Aqua Di Gio (Giorgio Armani) was around $8 when I bought it last. I had both at one point and compared them. The clone is excellent and very close to the original.
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  7. Currently quite stuck on these type scents:

    - Creed Aventus
    - YSL Rive Gauche
    - Terre D’Hermes
    - Mr Burberry
  8. I use the Belcam Polo Black (Classic match Black) Clone and the Dior Sauvage(Primitive Man) clone almost daily. Love both. Close enough that I can't justify the price difference between it and the real thing.
  9. If you have the soaps, the edts are potent. I had a small sample of aventus, and find Stirling a better clone than razorocks cologne. I also like it more than some name brand cologne clones inspired by aventus like AB silver and others.

    It's a pretty close clone and I get about 6 hours from 3 sprays. Love it! I also have SDM edt, really good and very potent, but I prefer EM.
  10. Mustang Performance. It's a clone of JPG Le Male. I love it, excellent performance overall for me. I've checked the original and it's a very close match. It's found at TJ Maxx etc for around $10.

    (It's the only clone in my collection that isn't marketed as "our version of..." .. it's just a very good riff on the JPG)
  11. "Popcorn for boys" is a smell-a-like of Lacoste Red.
    It's my most complimented scent. Lady Fatboy & I think it's better than the original, sweeter and more full-bodied.
  12. Clones I have from Preferred Fragrances (found in Big Lots):

    Dark Woods (Polo Supreme Oud)
    Royal Stallion (Polo Supreme Leather)
    Sandstone (Tom Ford Noir Anthracite)
    Akthar Noir (Drakkar Noir)

    Of these, the Polo versions are most successful, and actually have decent longevity. The Oud is fairly close to the original. I haven't tried Polo Supreme Leather yet, but Royal Stallion is very enjoyable.
    I have no idea if Sandstone is close to the TF, but curiosity got the best of me on that one. Nice scent but fleeting.
    The Drakkar clone is close to the original in the dry down, but it has an opening blast of Lemon that takes a while to fade. Once that is gone it's not bad, just pretty weak.

    I have one Belcam, the Polo Green clone. I haven't compared it side-by-side with Polo but the Belcam does take me back to high school, so if it does that I guess it's pretty successful, since that's all you smelled in the hallways back in the mid-80s..
  13. I use the Belcam Polo Green and quite like it. I just picked up Primitive Man today and am impressed with it, as well.
  14. Dakar by Al-Rehab is a great Drakkar Noir clone, lasts forever, slightly woodier.

    Being a dense oil (the roll-on) however, it doesn't project far for very long.
  15. Where do you find these Belcam frags at or best place to purchase from?
  16. Walmart has them.
  17. For $8 the Primitive Man is a home run. I like it quite a bit and have received three compliments today; two from men LOL
  18. They don't have Polo Red or Polo Supreme Oud. You have to get those on amazon. The do have Polo Green, blue, black, Obsession for Men, Savage and Drakkar clones.
  19. Creed Aventus ala Fine Platinum

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