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Face lathering difference between AoS and L'Occitane

I'm migrating more towards soaps and have now picked up, or have enroute to me, a puck of AoS Sandalwood and a puck of L'Occitane Cade. From my reading it seems that AoS is a glycerin based soap and L'Occitane is a tallow based soap and would thus require different methods of producing the best lather. My question is, what is the absolute best way to face lather each of these as I assume the methods will be different. By the way, I'll be using a Shavemac 401 28mm silvertip for both.
L'Occitane is Palm Oil based, not tallow. Same goes for AoS, I think.

They're both hard soaps and may need a little more agitation than a glycerin based soap. With CADE I swirl a shaken out brush on the puck for 20 seconds, then lather on face for about a minute. Simple, pretty intutive soap imo, and one of my favourites :001_smile
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I follow exactly the same procedure with both--warm water on soap, soak brush while showering, pour off water from soap and shake out brush, pick up soap and face lather. No problems with either the Cade or the AoS.
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