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Excel, M3, DE???

I have always used an excel razor. I bought a fusion, non-powered, some time ago ( I was drawn in by the flashy color and shiny packaging). I have used the fusion twice - well actually once - I have stopped half way through each time to switch back to the excel.

Everyone seems to have a favorite but what are the real differences? My priorities are:
1: low irritation
2: close shave
3: speed
4: low irritation

Would a DE be easier on the skin? If so, why? If not then is the excel better than the m3? Why?

It seems that the excel works fine but I haven't tried the others to see if they are better. The fusion feels like it is pulling my cheek and that I'm going to pay for it later. I have heard the power versions are better in the fusion and m3 but are they really better than a DE or my standard excel?

any thoughts would be of great help -
Interesting this was just posted as I shaved with an excel for the first time in months the other night. I was curious how the shave would ensue after being used to a DE razor. I found the excel better than the 3, 4 and 5 blade power or non powered razors I have used. Less irritation.
I picked up the excel again b/c I have been a bit to agressive, always trying to get the perfect shave and needed to use something "safe" to get ready for work. The shave I got was good. I used all of the wet shaveing techniques I've learned; the brush, cream, lots of water... multiple passes. How did it compare to my DE? Less irritation but not as close of a shave. However, my DE technique is not yet up to par and I'm confident I will get to the point where I can go for that close shave without some days of irritation....


PS.... I don't remember my shave ever being so good with an excel... I have no doubt this is because of the excellent prep that is now routine for me.
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