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    It's not butterscotch..... :tongue_sm

    But it is vintage.

    Picked up off da Bay.

    The bristle were pretty dry and falling out ( and smelt like a skunks smell gland pubic hair :huh: ) so since I was at work I started picking the bristles out there and then, no camera so can't show you any progress.

    I'm not a tool type person , so all done with scissors, a knife, pliers.....


    Now I'd read they're hollow and you can see here the two bits. The "lugs" on the black top were worn down so it was very easy to pull apart


    So after drilling all the old glue out ( ok, so I do have a drill ) , I still didn't have enough depth for my 20 X 67mm silvertip, so I basically drilled out the shelf.

    Because it's hollow I then placed the knot, glued in and then siliconed around the sides of it. I've also filled the base with some old hard drive packaging to form a base to keep the knot in place.


    Now because I was eager to get this finished before Wifey came home I didn't get any progress piccies of what I did.

    End product here. I'm not sure but the unbloomed knot looks a bit "weird" on the big handle to me. It's about a 50mm loft.
    I'll post a picture after a couple of days once it's dried and post a post bloom pic.

    Hopefully it looks a bit more "normal" then. :laugh:

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  1. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    Looking good, mate!

    (just the kinda brush that will give the perfect lather to use with a straight :thumbup1:)
  2. Can I restore and hone a straight with scissors, knife, pliers and a drill ???

    If so I'm good to go !!!! :tongue_sm
  3. That looks really nice Ian! What kind of knot did you throw in that baby? It looks like it will have alot of backbone (good for face lathering!)
  4. It's TGN Silvertip Extra packed 20 X 67 mm

    I'll be interested to see how it compares with TGN finest two band. People have reported that the silvertip is scritchier ( which isn't a bad thing )

    I'm finding that I like a sub 50mm loft as I'm purely a face latherer and have a fairly small shave area. :blush:

    To my eye at the moment the aesthetics look a bit weird with the small tight knot and the big handle.

    As I say hopefully post bloom everything will look a bit better. :blush:
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  5. The Silvertip Grade A is superior imo, did you get the Grade A or regular silvertip?

    Also I dig the mottled green bakelite brush awesome finished product.

    I don't think it looks weird its just like a Penchetta Old School probably the same knot or similar.

    *Edit* NVM looks like you have the standard silvertip knot
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  6. That is a nice old handle for sure. I cannnot wait to see the end result.
  7. Now it's starting to look better.

    Shampoo, rinse, lather, shampoo, rinse , lather..... :thumbup1:


    Report on how it compares to the TGN Finest to follow :001_smile
  8. Ian, absolutely beautiful handle and restoration. Congratulations.
  9. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    sweet. the bloom makes it look great
  10. Hokay

    I'm not sure if it'll break in a bit softer after a while, but I can confirm that to me ( YMMV :001_tt2: ) the Silvertip ( not A Grade ) is scritchier than the Finest Two Band.

    Now that's not a bad thing or a criticism , just an observation :wink2:
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  11. That turned out very very well. I like that green/black handle and you did a grand job of a restore.
  12. Good job! Great idea. Thanks!
  13. I have a couple questions for veteran restorers (no, not those who restore veterans, though I could use some restoration):

    First, when you're drilling out the old hair/rubber/whatever, how do you mount the handle so you don't crush it in the vise jaws?

    Second, those who have written about using a Dremel to finish out the handle opening -- what Dremel bit do you use?


  14. Rudy Vey

    Rudy Vey Vendor Contributor

    See my answer in the restoration thread.
  15. And you know this from.... experience? :blink:

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  16. Not that I'm planning to do a restoration anytime soon, but I cannot find the answer. I got one quarter of the way through Rudy's 1700+ posts and thought it would be easier just to ask. Curiosity is killing me. Unless it's one of those trade secrets and I could wind up sleeping with the fishes.

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  17. jwhite

    jwhite Moderator Emeritus

    I used the finest paddle wheel bit on the dremmel, but you may want to check I think the diameter may have increased making it too large, if it is I'd go with a sanding mop for rotary tools, they're aftermarket but really good for detail sanding. They can be found if you use the Google.

    I'm bored so I grabbed the link for ya, get the 1 inch Take an old screwdriver and buzz it out on that to break it in a bit and it should clear most brush handles.
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  18. Thank you very much for the link to the mini sanding mop. I am doing some restorations on wood shave brush handles...and I am having a terrible time getting all the black paint out of the details...without destroying the handle. I will give this a try.

    Much Thanks
  19. I just got the butterscotch version of this brush handle. Mine doesnt have a shelf to set the knot on. It's completely hollow on the inside. What is the best way to go about setting a knot in?


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