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Escher Questions

While trying to do rolling X's, the toe wants to ...let's say shudder or stall,
I know that experience from my TI. The spine is too wide in the middle. So heel and toe are less supported by the spine than the middle. On a hard jnat everything is fine. On a softer stone the toe starts to dig into the stone.
I lap Eschers, all of them, with a used 400x Atoma, or a 325 DMT. There should be a matte 'nap' to the surface, no glazing. Forget what grit, just make sure the surface is clear, consistent, matte, not glazed, not scored from the diamond plate. Lapping on 320x w/d paper pretty much rules out the scoring issues.

Honestly think you're overthinking it. Eschers are, essentially, 'brain dead easy' to use. It is the single most 'no technique needed' stone around.
Just use the stone and use a very light tough through the pass. Keep the stone clear of slurry, rinse often if needed but you shouldn't be on the stone long enough to create slurry/mud.
If the edge's early work was done well, you shouldn't need a lot of time on an Escher, maybe 20-25 laps. Post bevel-set - zero swarf on 8k, minimum time on the 12k, then a short session on the Escher.

All stones, synths or natural, lap them when they are no longer flat.
Really shouldn't need to lap an Escher that often, there's almost zero pressure and minimal work involved. But if it is not flat then lapping it is in order.
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