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Edwin Jagger Travel Brush Replacement Knot

Hi all, I bought one of the collapsible chrome travel brushes from Edwin Jagger back when I first started wet shaving as I was traveling a lot. It served me well but I stopped traveling a few years back as I began taking care of sick parents. Fast forward to now and I just got back from my first trip in a while and I noticed the poor battered badger knot seems to finally have given up. I am now looking to replace the knot with a synthetic one as I think it may hold up better to the rigors of travel. From the product info I found the knot was 20mm with a 50mm loft. I have looked around but it seems the shortest 20mm I have found is 63mm. As I have never replaced a brush knot I don’t know if this will be too long. Has anyone replace the knot in this style of brush and if so could you point me in the right direction for buying a replacement knot? Like I said preferably synthetic but I am willing to use a badger as well.


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I am no expert, but a few things come to mind:

Many brushes have the loft set at approximately 2x the knot diameter, so a 26mm diameter knot will often be set near 52mm. Of course this is not a rule, and often the loft is higher. Applying that rule, a 20mm knot would have a 40mm loft which seems awfully short.

Stiffer knots, like boar are often set higher but still perform well because the thicker bristles help maintain backbone even at the longer length.

Also, I believe that the loft dimensions of the knots for sale are the measurement of the entire knot, from the bottom of the glue to the highest point, whereas the loft on an assembled brush is measured from the point where it exits the handle to its highest point.

If the hole in your handle is 10-15mm deep you need to subtract that from the total height of the knot. So, a 63mm knot installed into a handle with a 15mm deep opening, will leave a loft of 48, which is close to your existing knot.

If your brush is truly unusable, and your plan is to replace the old knot, I would remove the old knot, clean up the opening and measure the depth.

Most of the above is my limited understanding, but there are a lot of experts (@Rudy Vey) here that can probably give more definite information.
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