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Easy Guide to Corking Blades?

I realize that there have been countless topics on this, an maybe its just my own stupidity, but can someone just explain to me, in simple form, how to cork a blade. Preferably someone who has done this for Feather AC blades. I currently only use the Pro-Guard blade, which I realize can't really be corked, but I want to try the un-guarded blades at some stage and would like to know.

Does one merely run the blade down a cork with no pressure at all? Will that not affect the blade, as you are essentially almost "Wiping the blade", which you are not supposed to do (at least not with De blades). Does one use pressure for this? Will it affect the blade's lifespan?
Hold the blade between forefinger and thumb, cut into the cork only very slightly and pull it towards you. You don't need to apply much pressure Turn the blade around and do the same in the opposite direction. Repeat for each edge. Some people do more strokes, I find one in each direction sufficient. You might find polystyrene to be gentler on the edge, I never use anything else. The idea is to gently wipe away the slight imperfections left behind by the manufacturing process.
If you find a blade to be rather harsh when it is new and getting better by the second or third shave then corking is definitely for you. If you have no problem with a new blade then don't bother with it. There is much debate as to the benefits of corking on this board, I and many others alway cork, some don't see the need, in the end it will be up to you. Search in the safety razors forum for:"Corking blades" this is an enormous thread.
I haven't noticed any loss of blade longevity.
Well, although I do feel it sometimes with De blades (especially feathers) its not too bad an issue on the first shave. My fear is with the blades for the Feather Artist Club. I heard those blades are ultra sharp. Lets face it, these allegedly last around 7 days, with only 1 edge. DE blades have 2 edges, and only last for 4 days or so. So I might try it when I do start with un-guarded blades.
I use the same technique with styrofoam as John and it works very well. And just to prove to myself that I wasn't wasting time doing this, I needed to use a new blade the last time I shaved and couldn't find any styrofoam anywhere in the house. I had forgotten how rough a first shave with a Feather could be! I guess I need to order something so I can get some foam peanuts... :001_005:
+1, I also use the styrofoam also get good results.I use the same method on my Feather Pro for my King Cobra.Kind of odd when you think about it by stropping it on a corking method the blade gets smother so it glides better. I get 4 shaves with the DE blades & 7 with the SE.
It was still news to me, and useful. I frequently find a first shave on the blade to be very rough, and will give this a try.
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