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E Type Injector Question

Searched and couldn't find this:

When you load a blade in an E type injector, should the blade rest on top of, or behind the two bumps on each end of the blade guard?

rule of thumb with injectors,
1)blade should be more or less centered,
2)the guard bar should be fully straight,
3)blade should sit snugly with the edge slightly in the 2 bumps,
those 2 bumps hold the bottom of the blade, if the blade is not behind them, then it is NOT SAFE to shave with that injector razor, actually, if a injector violates any of those 3 rules, you could try to repair it, but the safe bet would be to discart it,
Thanks very much gents. :thumbup1:

I picked one up at a local swap meet. It was in great shape, but when I threw a blade in it, it rode up over and rested on, the stops. I think they are worn down upon further examination.

There's two bucks I will never see again:biggrin:
Might just need more cleaning. An amazing amount of crud can get into the blade channel and could force it forward and over the 'bumps'.
That is a very tight fit where the blade goes. If the razor went unused for years it is possible that some crud has hardened in there. A good cleaning is the answer. Spread the opening a bit so you can get in there to clean. If you get over zealous with the spreading you can break it. But what the heck, it is unusable now anyway.
With an injector key in place, try using a pipe cleaner or thin piece of metal to get all the way back under the head.
Thanks again guys. I will give those techiniques a try. I thought I gave it a pretty good cleaning, but you never know.