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Duke 2 Floppy?

I've been eyeballing a Duke 2 for some time now, but I strongly dislike floppy brushes. I have no clue if it is floppy or not just figured I'd check in with the experts. If theres any Duke guys out there I'd love some info! If not let me know what kind of soft badger you have that has really good backbone! Thanks for any info in advance!
I actually prefer the Simpson Rover. I had the Rover first and found the Duke 2 too similar (plus I already had a Duke 1) so I sold the D2. The Rover has great backbone and flow-thru with no scritch. I also like the look and feel of the handle on the Rover. The Rover comes in at just under $100 with the B&B discount at WCS so it is more expensive than the D2.
Not floppy at all. Duke 2 has density, good backbone, and soft tips. Good brush that lathers soaps and also creams, a nice all purpose brush.
I agree - densely packed with great backbone one of the softer brushes I have no matter what grade u compare it too. U might also like a rover as stated above , classic , or chubby 1. IMO the duke's are second to none for all around performance at their price.
I have a duke 3, but I'm assuming all the knots are packed the same. Firm and stiff with soft tips. One of my favourite brushes.
I too cant stand floppy brushes. I face lather and like a brush that goes where you point it. I recently bought a Duke 2 in Best and couldn't be happier. Very dense knot, good backbone, and soft tips.
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