Dscosmetic’s 2 band silver tip

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by snip3r, Nov 23, 2018.

    Just wondering if anyone tried this? Should I get this or Yaqi’s Silvertip? Thanks


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  1. I really enjoy this brush, between this and a Yaqi synthetic
    I can't compare them, I only have Yaqi synthetic brushes.
    For the price you can't go wrong.

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  2. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    It's a beautiful brush at an incredible price. If you get it let us know whether you like it.
  3. Oh qc is ok for dc cosmetics ? Maybe I consider this
  4. nav


    If you want to hold off a couple of weeks, I have one on the way, along with some other ds cosmetic brushes. I'll be able to compare it to Yaqi badger brushes for you as I use a bunch of those already.
  5. Haha it’s Black Friday .
    Hmm there’s a 24mm version at $21

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  6. If you go with DC please let us know. On 11.11 sale on Ali I was hesitating between this or a Yaqi silvertip. I went with Yaqi and I did not regret it but I really would like to know how does this perform

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  7. During 11.11 did Yaqi has any sale for silver tips?

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  8. Sure, the mysterious space 24mm silvertip was $24.9 plus shipping ~$5

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  9. +1! PLEASE!!
  10. The safer choice would be Yaqi
  11. Caved in and got it from dscosmetic instead

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  12. Yes man! :D

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  13. $18 go go go

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  14. nav


    $18 for a silvertip, shipped!!

    How things have changed in this industry! Just 5 years ago, this brush would have costed no less than $70!!
  15. I’d be awaiting your review too hehe.
    It will take 2 weeks for mine to arrive

    Btw didn’t know 2 band is better for soap and face leather . Yeah I face lather a lot
  16. nav


    It'll take about 6-10 shaves for the two band to soften and open up. After that, two bands are awesome and my favorite badger type due to the scrubby feel without any scratchy feeling at all.
  17. When will yours be arriving ?
  18. nav


    With the current shipping delays, I'd say at least another two weeks.

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