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Dorco blades. What's your opinion of them?

I did not like them when I first started DE shaving. But I have gone back to using them since getting the technique and prep settled. I find them to be good blades for the most part, although I do run across a rough one every now and then. It's not a big deal to me, I just put it away and load another one. I get almost as many shaves from a Dorco blade as I do from an Astra SP. Although the Astra always seems to feel smoother and a bit sharper the Dorco is good enough to use on occasion. I have one loaded in my 1950 Aristocrat in my daily rotation that has nine shaves on it so far.

Dorco blades are cheap, shave decently, and are easy to find, what more could you ask for?:thumbup1:
There are blades for everyone and just because Dorco blades don't work well with me that doesn't mean that they would not work well with you, I would however recommend that you try as many different razor blades as possible, this will allow you to compare other razor blades and make your own educated conclusions. Personally I find there are many better blades out their, but I respect anyone who can use them. It is said that any razor blade can be used in any razor and produce a good shave if the person knows what he is doing.
I have a 100 Dorco 301s and I find them to be a fine blade. Sharp and smooth. However I think there is some coating on them which seems to be overdone. It seems to interfere in the first three shaves off a new blade appearing to be not so smooth. After 3 shaves the blade just breathes new life in to itself and goes for another few shaves much smoother. I am not sure if anyone else experience this.
In the UK, Tesco sell Dorco 301s as their basic DE blade. £2 for 10 makes them reasonable value. I bought a pack and found them fine, but nothing special.
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