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Does Anyone Else Do This?

I really like Musgo Real but it only comes in tubes and I've noticed that tubs seem to be a more efficient way to use creams, less waste. I got the idea to squirt all of my Musgo out of it's tube into a container I got at the local hobby store.

Does anyone else out there do this with their tube creams?

Also, if you do decide to try this make sure you cut the tube open at the nozzle end and scrape out all the cream that's left in there. There's maybe 5 or 6 shaves worth of cream left stuck up in the stiff nozzle end of the tube.
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My only concern would be the cream drying out. Nothing a little water and mixing can't fix though. I don't have a scheduled rotation, so some of my creams go a while without being used. I think they last longer in the tubes, but if you use the cream all the time then this should work brilliantly
Not so far. The lid on the tub seals well.

When I use up my Taylor's Eaton I plan to recycle the tub for this this very purpose.
Not so far. The lid on the tub seals well.

When I use up my Taylor's Eaton I plan to recycle the tub for this this very purpose.

Thanks for the info and thanks for the idea! I might have to give this a go with my Bigelow cream. I've noticed that the tube has a tendency to force cream out when I am not squeezing it.
I've only got 3 or 4 in tubes, but I have a couple of empty tubs if I need to transfer them. For now, the tubes take up less room in my cream drawer.
I had to do this with a tube of red Proraso after the cheap, plastic cap was twisted just a hair too far and literally cracked right off the tube. This was probably 2 years ago and the cream is still rockin' solid...maybe a bad choice of words...the cream has experienced no ill effects due to this. :biggrin:
i did that once to a tube of Nivea cream..and after a while the cream got real hard and down towards the last bit it had little pieces in it that were like hard granules. needless to say ill leave it in the tube from now own.

the only reason i did it was i read a post about the metal tubes and some said they always got holes in the tube after usage. i have now since bought a tube key and hopefully wont have any prbs.
I wouldn't do it. The tubes are actually a better system because they afford much less exposure to the outside air. Exposure to air is what eventually leads to the downfall of your cream.
I do that with my tubes. Now I don't buy tubes, but sometimes you end up with some from lots or PIF's or whatever.
I use an old TOBS tub to put mine in.
It doesn't affect them in any way.
I few years back I did this with Musgo Real and C.O. Bigelow shave creams. Success on both accounts. After a while the cream hardened to a soft soap consistency (similar to Cella), and I used it as a puck of soap. Works fine.
i dont see why it would hurt alot of creams come in tubs anyway. is there a reason why one company does tubs and one does tubes?
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