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DMT 8C question

I got a DMT 8C last week to lap my Norton 4k/8k. Needless to say i didn't break-in the DMT 8C enough, and after the first round of lapping left scratches.

I read that taking a piece of metal (an old wrench I got from goodwill) to the DMT 8C would break it in, and doing this has removed several features down. Though there are still two that are not going away.

There has been a noticeable amount of metal removed from the wrench

How long does the breaking in process usually take?

What is the best way to remove these features?
I lapped my Spyderco UF ceramic with a new D8C . That wore the synthetic diamonds on the D8C down to nearly nothing . Guess that was a break in . It did make some really fine white ceramic dust .

Never heard of any DMT break in process .

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