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Disposable razors

So I am waiting till Christmas when I will be getting a DE razor and a bunch of grar as a present to shave my beard, but I have been using a dollar store shave brush and shave soap and some disposable razors that are effectively store brand bic sensitives to keep my neck shaved, I have seen a few posts that seem to like these as far as disposables go and I was just wondering how similar is the feel and technique to an actual safery razor?
If you have been using disposables with non-pivoting heads, the learning curve should be short when moving to DE razors.
Certainly, you will need to become familiar with the weight of the razor and find the best shaving angle.
Also, try various different blades to find what works best for you.
As others note, you are on you way!!

Disposables are, by design, much more forgiving of poor technique. The biggest risk is that you get accustomed to using pressure and with pivoting heads not paying attention to razor angle.
The disposables I am using have a fixed head and a single blade
Well the one thing I can tell you is a disposable like a Schick SST that I have a few of still. Weigh next to nothing like 1/10th of ounce.

Any Double Edge will weigh in at 2 - 4 ounces. A vintage Gillettes like a Tech, Flair, or Super Speed will be about 1.9 - 2.1 Ounces.

So you will not have to put pressure on a DE, like a disposable.

Let the Weight of the DE do the work.

Yes there is a learning curve but you will learn the difference if your let weight of razor do work
It's going to be different because the Bic Sensitive and other carts set and lock in the angle for you. You can also get away with applying pressure using them, which doesn't work with most DEs unless you want nasty razor burn or nicks.
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