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Discussion Thread for T&H Sandalwood Review

At long last I managed to get my hands (and brush) on a sample of T&H Sandalwood. I really enjoy the scent; very masculine.

I sense a very pleasant tobacco note that exudes the feel of an old world gentleman's club. It is really hard to believe that they are discontinuing this in North America. T&H really seems to be aiming for the metrosexual market over here and I would venture to guess that is biggest reason for dropping both the Sandalwood and the Rose cream. It is a real shame since I think they may be their two best creams (scent-wise at least).
This was one of the samples that I tried from Scotto and it was one of the two that I set aside immediately as objectionable (the other was Salter's Vetiver which smells very similar to me, only much, much stronger).

To be fair, I did lather this up last night (it lathers well) and took another whiff of the cream in the bowl.

The cream never made it to my face; I could not stand the smell.

Everyone one is different, of course. This scent just did not appeal to me. I'll end up putting these samples into a free Newbie kit.

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