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Discussion Thread for 6/8 Geneva Cutlery

This is a discussion thread for THIS review. Note: Over the next few days I will be posting quite a few straight razor reviews. We only have three as of now... lets beef it up fellas! (I will be posting 2 more reviews tonight - one of a 6/8 worked back "frameback" "squareback" whatever the hell you want to call it TI, and one of the 5/8 (actually measures at 7/8 and is now being sold as a 7/8) TI Egyptian Palmwood)
Joel, my favorite straight is a U.S. made one, but it is not a Geneva. Says "Hand Forged" on the blade, made in Mass. I think but not a Torrey.
It's also not that pretty....but shaves really well.
John P.
I've had a couple of Gencos and Robeson Shuredges, and still have a Clauss, a Kinfolks, and a Waterville. They're all outstanding razors, easily better than my Puma and nearly as good as my Wonderedge. All of them have taken a keen edge with little effort, and held it well. And most of them were $10-$20 on ebay, and in near-NOS condition. Shaved with the Kinfolks this morning, actually.
I have a Genco 6/8 RP that I got for 15 bucks on ebay. Great razor. My plain jane Challenge Cutlery 5/8 was my first razor and is still one of my best shavers.

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