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Different size threading on DE razors?

I was talking with a friend about him making me some razor handles on his metal lathe, and I we are both curious if different DE razors have different threading? We both have Gillette 3 pieces that have the same threading, so have no practical way of finding this information out other than searching the internet....

...and I'm coming up dry.

So I figure there's got to be some guys with MUCH more 3 piece experience than us, we both primarily shave with TTO's and Straights.

The modern threads (metric I suspect) and threads on vintage razors (Imperial) must be very similar as I've married up vintage heads such as Gillette New and Goodwill and the lesser English Makes etc with modern Murkur Handles and modern heads with vintage handles.

Cooncatbob will be the expert on threads I would suggest?
This I read:
The EJ head use the metric M5 X 0.8.
If the Weber uses the Imperial #10-32 threads they have the same thread pitch (threads per inch) but the #10-32 is slightly smaller.
You can use a metric tap to enlarge #10-32 threads.
All Gillette 3 piece razors use #10-32.
As previously stated it's very easy to enlarge #10-32 threads to M5 X 0.8 metric, once enlarged the handle will fit all the new heads as well as the vintage Gillette heads.
That is correct, for some reason the M5x0.8 and the #10-32 share the same thread pitch but the m5 is slightly larger.
The only odd ball I've come across is the French Gibbs razor which uses the M5 x "0.9" threads which is about 28 threads per inch.
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