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Did you regret letting a DE go later on?

Probably this one:

Plating was quite worn, but otherwise it was in very good operating shape. I've never shave with it before i sell it. Don't know if i will find another one in my budget someday
Not really. I tend to do a thorough soul search and requirement assessment before letting stuff go. For a while I was collecting stuff that seemed to be things that got attention and then I finally realized...what works for me is what's best for me. So that's one of the REALLY big reasons I'm down to 9 razors which really work well for me including one that rules them all.
I regret selling my Above the Tie S1. During the years I have collected a few other razors stunning from performance and design (Charcoal Goods, Wolfman, Blackbird) but that S1 was such good nimble daily driver
But I suppose that's because I was at the beginning of the road and "the first love" stays there deep in your Heart
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