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Describing backbone?

This may be a dumb question...but here it goes.

I'm trying to understand how to assess the backbone of my brushes.

I was the sticky on the subject but wanted some clarification.

Is my understanding correct, that backbone is the stiffness felt when pushing the brush directly into you face? The pressure applied before the knot splays?

On this basis, my boar gives the most resistance as expected. My silver tip Yaqui brush follows it. Less stiff are my synthetic and horse brushes.

The sticky refers to "flop". My brushes, when dry, do flop from one side to another. Similar to the way a rubber spatula flops from side to side. On this basis my brushes seem more similar.

What brushes have the least backbone?
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Anything from Kent! :lol:
In all seriousness, the least backbone would be any silvertip badger brush that is high lofted and not a modern high density. The silvertip fibres are the finest available and therefore provide the least support.
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