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Derby with HD-np, Derby with Mergress - Yes!

I had tried Derby's in my HD for a month before finally moving on to 7 o'clock yellows, which were a big improvement, but being concerned that something I like would no longer be available (I did stock up with 400 of them).

I had read that others too had issues with Derby's in a Merkur HD, so when my Mergress arrived I decided that I would try a Derby and to my delight it worked wonders. The small change in blade arc, the difference between the HD and the Progress. I did compare the two blade clamps and the top radius is pretty much the same, but the radius of the clamp area, where the blade is held against the razor is different.

So I am two shaves into the Mergress with the Derby and must state that it's been some wonderful shaves. I didn't shave yesterday since it was a day of yard work, plus mowing the father-in-law's lawn too (which is a 1/3 acre, with a push mower, non powered drive). I did throw some Booster Lime aftershave on yesterday after taking the shower in the morning. One word of warning, do not put lime aftershave if you are going to do yard work. Man did I have a major swarm of gnats that thought I was a delicacy.
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I've only had my Mergress for a few days and have so far only tried it with Derbys. Don't know whether it's my technique (all razors take a while to get to know) but, so far, the Derbys aren't up to the job. Going to try with a Feather tomorrow. Feathers work great with all my other razors - HD, Rocket etc. But I only use Derbys with my slant nowadays.
It's funny, my HD loves a Derby but they're too mild to use in my Progress/Bobgress. I much prefer IP's or Wilkinsons. I always thought i'd prefer a milder blade in a heavy razor, but I think the weight bearing down on a mild blade causes tugging for me - probably just my technique.

Glad you found the perfect blade for it!
a milder blade in a heavy razor

This was precisely my thinking - the Mergress is much heavier than my HD, so I was certain that this called for a gentler blade, such as the Derby. It seems I was wrong. Anyway, I'll find out tomorrow, when I try it with the Feather.
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