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Derby Extra Blades


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Derbys are fine, they usually seem to get dissed by users with fewer than a month's worth of shaves -- always check the review date against the member's join date and number of posts.

I think they were my first 100 buy and I ended up purchasing them again (when all the hoopla over packaging, vertical vs horizontal). I could happily live with them if all other blades disappeared.
Before purchasing a 100 pack, I would get a sample pack of different blades to try out before comitting.

I tried at least 5 different blades for a week each.

Then due to some buzz from B&B I went out on a limb and ordered 10 Personna Med Prep Blades.

Then I went on to order 100 of them as IMHO they beat out all of the others!

Basically do a lot of dating before you decide to get married!
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I love Derbys in my 37C. I find the slant gives the Derby blade a bit of extra cutting power, and since the Derby's are already so smooth they give a great shave in the 37C.

I nicked myself with one of these today...During the final touch-up pass...Oh, how embarrassment :blush: Just proves that they are actually sharp enough, but at the same time, one of the smoothest blade going around. IMO, these blades are great value that deliver good results.
Your picture looks like my grandfather. He was born in Angri, Italy, in 1891 and was a violinist with the New Haven Symphony until about 1929. I like Derbys too so maybe who knows? Maybe we're related.
My avatar is Julius Henry Marx. Most people knew him as Groucho, and love the characters that he played in the movies.
But he also had a private life off-stage that I greatly admire, and that's why I honor him with my avatar(s).
Dirby Extra, i dropped the blade when i was shaving my neck.
With my thick coarse hair it was very unpleasant to shave with. Shaving my neck felt like i was pulling!
3 days beard. I will never use this blade again.
Finished with an Astra SP.
A much maligned blade even though not the sharpest. Good for a few shaves. I hear the latest offerings are sharper than the pre-2016 batches.
I have been shaving for a few months on a yellow 7/Kai's/perma sharp rotation. Got careless last week and got some rare irritation.

Loaded a Derby for the weekend. Wonderful smooth shaves. Did I feel stubble a few hours sooner than the norm,,, yes. But zero complaints. Will probably put them in the rotation.


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It seems like a lot of folks don't like Derby blades but they work fine for me and, in the end, that's all that really counts, isn't it?
A few weeks ago I picked up a pack of Derby Extra blades at a local Sally Beauty Supply and they're my new favorite blade. I get no irritation and a very close shave every time. It seems I'm in the minority, as most of the reviews for Derbys I've seen have been very negative. I'm going to buy a box of 100 when this ten pack is gone. I used to use Israeli Personnas, but the Derbys are just a little bit better. Does anyone else think Derbys have an undeservedly bad reputation?
They never seemed to work well for me, but Derby does make a blade called "Bluebird" which I adore. Screenshot_20170912-001405.jpg

Rusty Blade

I really like Derby Extra blades. I just recently purchased 100. I find they are both sharp and smooth. Blades are one of those YMMV things. And products do fall in and out of fashion. I say walk your own path. Try them and if you like them then pick up a hundred and enjoy!
I don't use them as often as I used to but I still have close to 50 in the stash. I was introduced to them when I bought my EJ DE89 razor. Like RB points out above, products fall in and out of fashion and I can remember the group think once upon a time was that Derbys were garbage.
Hi all, I am a newbie in the safety razors world and am wondering : can we actually turn inside out the Derby Extra blade after 3-4 shaves? (it will switch the side with number 1 and 2 to the one with 3 and 4)


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Hi @Bert00 , and Welcome to B&B!!

You should be flipping your razor around to use both edges while shaving, rinsing when both are full of lather. You can turn the blade upside down if you want, but most don't as it's still the same two edges that you are already using.
The Orange Derby at Sally are not as good as the green label. I find them to be scratchy. The green was my first 100 purchase. Green is a good MOR performer. It is like Personna box vs dispenser blades.