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Derby Extra Blades

A few weeks ago I picked up a pack of Derby Extra blades at a local Sally Beauty Supply and they're my new favorite blade. I get no irritation and a very close shave every time. It seems I'm in the minority, as most of the reviews for Derbys I've seen have been very negative. I'm going to buy a box of 100 when this ten pack is gone. I used to use Israeli Personnas, but the Derbys are just a little bit better. Does anyone else think Derbys have an undeservedly bad reputation?
I love Derby blades ... they work great in a mild razor like my Merkur 34G or English Ball-end Tech, and its the best thing to use when I have a 1-day beard to work on.

As such, Derby accounts for about 2 out of 3 of all my shaves.

Sure, there are a lot of nay-sayers, but I don't care. Derby will always have a place in my rotation.
Brands seem to ebb and flow on forums. At one point Derby was the darling, or at least somewhat liked on this board as I have quite a few in my stash as a result. Either way, I seem to like them quite a bit and don't worry about reaching for them.
In the past, Edwin Jagger provided Derby blades with all of its new razors. Personally, I never cared for them, but YMMV. I noticed that EJ recently changed to providing different blades (Feather, I think), if that means anything.
I have used them before and got an acceptable shave. Not the closest but acceptable and they were very forgiving. I'll give them a go again in the future once my technique improves even more. Main thing is to find a blade or blades that work for you no matter what other people may say about them.


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They are not my favourite blade but get the job done. As part of my 3017 process, I am working my way through the blades in my cabinet and Derby are in use at the moment.
I'm very glad that Sally carries Derby blades ... Its good to know that they're available locally in a pinch.

And Sally is one of the only places you can buy Personna branded blades anymore, instead of house-branded Personnas.

Their prices are quite reasonable, too.
Derby blades are excellent in my '56 Flare Tip. Personally, I don't find that they tug, it's more like they "grab" the whisker and provide a smooth ride when a deliberate shaving stroke is used. I bought 1000 of them at 7 cents a piece.
I will on occasion put a Derby blade in my Merkur slant, I will get two comfortable DFS on them. I wont try for a BBS using a Derby though.
They were my first 100 purchase not long after I joined B&B some years ago. They were flavour of the month back then!

I have found them to be a great starter blade and I still use them regularly.

I still remember the first time i went to Sallys Beauty Supply with SWMBO and pulled out my Sallys card...I had some explaining to do lol. Sallys was where i first started buying blades, and Derbys were in the basket. I also bought my first bottle of clubman from there B)
To me the razor plays a big part as well. My first razor was a Vikings Blade razor, exact same thing as the Dorco Prime or MicroTouch One. The head is not aggressive at all and if you want any sort of a close shave, you have to apply pressure. So with that in mind, the Derby Extras were the only blades that gave a decent shave with that razor. When I switched to the Merkur 34C I started getting much better shaves with Feathers, Personna Lab Blues, and Gillette 7 O'Clocks.
I find Derbys to be so-so. Not bad, but not great, either.

If they work well for you, then go for it without concern for any others' opinions. Enjoy the shaves and the savings.


Glad Derbys work well for you! :thumbup:

For me these were middle of the pack performers. Obviously this is YMMV in the extreme!
I don't mind them at all. They don't seem as sharp as my Astra's or feathers but the give a nice smooth shave. I only go WTG. Xtg. So as ssaid before YMWV!
I don't mind them at all. They don't seem as sharp as my Astra's or feathers but the give a nice smooth shave. I only go WTG. Xtg. So as ssaid before YMWV!
There are occasional posts expressing bafflement that Derbys get bad mention here. One recent post asked why "Derbys get dissed so much". A sarcastic poster expressed embarrassment because he cut himself with a Derby. I do not remember why they appealed to me but Derbys were my first 100 blade purchase after buying DE. I was pleased with them then, and I am now. I do not keep any blade longer than 6 or 7 shaves so I can only give half-qualified opinions on longevity, and they seem to last that long. Occasionally I will just have some random easier smoother shave, with BBS results without very much touch-up buffing. That happens as often with a Derby, and most recently with a Derby in a 39C slant, as it happens with any other blade. Derby delivers a lot of bang for the buck, like Arko.
Many other blades in rotation, including Astra, Shark, Merkur, and Rapira, I consider comparable to Derby. Somehow I've picked PolSilver SI and Perma-Sharp as slight favorites but that may be all in my head.
One of my favorites, but only in certain razors. I still keep 7 OC Green and Personna Med Preps in rotation. I did buy 100 last time.