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Derby Blades

Hi, can anyone clarify for me the whole "horizontal" and "vertical" thing with Derby blades? I keep reading that one is *better* than the other and am confused as to which and exactly how people are defining both horizontal and vertical (on the 5 pack cover?). Any clarification would surely help, thanks.
When you look at the pack cover, Derby is written horizontally or vertically. I have vertical Derby and have no trouble getting constant and close shaves.
They originally had a packet with a horizontally printed card. Then they changed to a packet with a vertically printed card. Some people believe that this makes a huge difference to the quality of the blade within the packet. I have found no difference, Derby represent great value for money and give a decent shave every time.
Thanks all. Another case of ymmv I see. (And thanks for the link HoosierTrooper - I'm a visual guy).
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