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As we work out the details of the Bader & Blade Decant Club, I am curious as to what decant size individuals are most interested in.
Rik, would it lower the cost of decants if we went to a 5ml sampler. The B&B EDT came in the 5ml sprayer.
Great idea for a poll Rik.

I voted for 10ml.

My main reason for participating in the decant lcub is to sample some good colognes. Those I like, I'll probably end up buying more of.

As an example, the Penhaligon Castile I got in the 33 ml was not quite to my liking, so now I've got a lot of a cologne I'm not crazy about


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I say 10ml. That should be about two teaspoons.

Anyone know how much those little sampler vials hold? I'm guessing that if they're around one inch long and 1/4 in diameter (doing this in my head, mind you) that should be about 3/4 of a milliliter or so.

I don't know if 5ml is enough to truly find out if you like the product, and 33ml seems to be an amount that I would want only if I was already familiar with the scent. Many of these products come in 50ml bottles, which is not all that much more than a 33ml decant.

I for one, would love to sample some of those legendary names in 5 to 10 ml sizes.:w00t:
I don't think it would be worth it, to me, to get less than 20 or 25 ML. 10 ML is great if you want to sample a cologne, but if you want to actually use it you won't have very much. It would also take a lot more work to decant to smaller sizes.

I figure if you take a 100 ML cologne bottle and turn it into 3, 4 or 5 decants you'd be good to go. I guess you have to kind of know if you think you'd like the scent or not, but I'd like to get enough of it to wear for a while without having to buy a whole bottle, not just enough to know if I like it or not.

I guess that is my theory on decanting, smaller usable portions as opposed to trial sizes.
Also, if you only want 5 or 10 ML of the cologne you could do the 'cologne sampler box' or whatever else that was going to be started. That idea was more geared towards finding out what type of scents you enjoy.
Austin said:
Rik, would it lower the cost of decants if we went to a 5ml sampler. The B&B EDT came in the 5ml sprayer.
Ideally the cost per decant would be in direct proportion to the size.
you know, i guess i'd be fine with the smaller sizes as well. you could always take a 100 ML bottle, make a couple 20ml decants, do the rest in 10 or 5. if it was 5 or 10ml i'd probably buy it regardless of if i liked the description or not. the only problem is getting enough people to buy 5 or 10 ml decants....
Hi guys!

QEDusa's has the plastic atomizers in 2, 4 and 8 ounce sizes. The cobalt-blue glass atomizers come in 1, 2 and 4 ounce sizes. The clear glass atomizers come in 1 and 2 ounce sizes. I did a little bit o' converting (I'm assuming U.K. measurement is the same for the rest of the world)

1 ounce [US, liquid] = 29.57 milliliter
2 ounce [US, liquid] = 59.14 milliliter
4 ounce [US, liquid] = 118.29 milliliter
8 ounce [US, liquid] = 236.58 milliliter

1 ounce [UK, liquid] = 28.41 milliliter
2 ounce [UK, liquid] = 56.82 milliliter
4 ounce [UK, liquid] = 113.65 milliliter
8 ounce [UK, liquid] = 227.30 milliliter

~Tim :wink:

ouch said:
Anyone know how much those little sampler vials hold?
I say 10ml. If someone wants 5, simply use 1/2 of the atomizer.

I just ordered 48 of the 10ml Frosted Glass with With Spray Mister Atomizer (FB-10ML-S-S-48) from essentialsupplies.com. It's pretty much of a standard size available from several folks at basenotes.net. In the quantity of 48 that I ordered, it only figured out to about $1 an atomizer, even including a $15 shipping charge on $34.

If I could have found a way to avoid the high shipping, it would have been even much less. These Ed Luce glass atomizers have proven to be incredibly reliable, AFAIK.

10 ml equals approximately 1/3 ounces, BTW.

:) Tom
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