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DE Safety Razor or Straight Razor?

I have been using a cartridge razor for 16 years and I want to upgrade to a straight razor (cut throat razor). I was told I should start out with a Double Edge Safety Razor. I can see why but now I was wondering which way was the best way of securing the blade? 2 piece, 3 piece or a twist to open safety razor? What angle do I need to hold the blade at with a safety razor?

I have watched a lot of videos at shave nation and you tube. Although I find these topics to be interesting I would like to know more. Also are these questions legitimate or am I being overly cautious?

Comments are greatly appreciated, positive or negative, throw them my way!
If you want to use a straight then use a straight. The only reason people suggest you start of with a DE is so that you get your lather down and learn not use pressure. If you are really interested in a straight go to whippeddog.com and grab yourself a Sight Unseen razor along with a Poor Mans Strop kit.

Aside that 2 piece, 3 piece, TTO, all secure the blade perfectly fine. I believe the angle is 10degrees but I am not sure.
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