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D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap...

So got this in the mail two days ago. Popped it open this am. So have a knife handy to cut the seal. It's some tough *** tape! So after I peeled all the sticker off I warmed up a brush and hoped in the shower. Brush loaded quickly and I did a face lather. It was a little thin feeling but worked great. It's now my 2nd favorite soap and the Mrs likes the scent.

I'm very happy with the soaps performance and will buy this again.

It does come in its own wood bowl with lid and you can get a refill fr be your time instead of buying another bowl!

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These hard pucks almost always load and perform better after a week or so of use as they become better hydrated. This is the reason many who use a rotation will cover the top of the puck with water while they shower. It will soften the top "layer" of soap, but I think daily usage still works better.
One of my favorites, love the scent! Keep loading, mix in a few extra drops of water along the way and you should be good to go.
All Harris soaps are top shelf in my experience. My first DRH scent was Marlborough, but I've since added both the Arlington and Windsor. In order of preference, Arlington-Windsor-Marlborough. I've heard the scent of their Almond is quite weak comparatively. I've read some posts where some folks state that they cannot get Harris soaps to build a nice lather, but I've always been able to create tons of lather with them. Probably my favorite soaps.
Marlborough is a fantastic masculine (cedar-on-sandalwood) scent, imo. Very good lather, although I think the lathers from (differently formulated) Windsor and Sandalwood are even (a bit) better.


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Love it. Like @strop says, use it for a period and it will respond favorably in the lather department. :001_smile

DR Harris's soaps are excellent. I absolutely like Arlington and Windsor... Sadly, I got a terrible skin reaction with Marlborough cologne... so I stopped using the soap, just in case...
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