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Czech and Speake sampler

I received my C&S sampler a few days ago. I was interested to see if I got the "poop" smell from the Cuba, but every scent that I try is great -- and SWMBO loves them on me. Why is it that I love the expensive stuff ($185.00 is quite a ways out of my league) -- I guess I just have good taste. Oh, well, maybe when I win the lottery, or some rich relative decides to gift me with some.

Glad to hear you like C & S, they're one of my favourite houses - and they seem to have more detractors than fans (understandable given the strong statements that most of their products seem to be aiming for, I guess). I've got full bottles of No. 88 and Cuba, and I paid around $100 for each (shipping included). Given that their fragrances cost £65 if bought from C & S directly, $185 is a major rip-off - shop around.
I love the 88 and will be getting a full bottle eventually. I think I've found it for $115 shipped, but haven't looked too much into it.

I also really like the O&C, however the few times I've sampled it longevity seems to be an issue and I don't know if it is bottle worthy.

Haven't got the fecal notes from cuba, but only smelled from the sample and haven't worn it yet.

The others didn't really do anything for me from smelling from the samples, but I'll probably give them all a wear sometime to truly get an idea. Seems like 88 is the only one I would purchase at the moment though.
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