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Cutting/diluting aftershaves

I bought a bottle of Aqua Velva based on some nostalgic posts here at B&B, tried it once and then never opened it again. I actually do like the smell, but it lingered on my all day. I like using AS for the skin care aspect, but I don't like powerful, lingering scents. I'm planning on picking up some Clubman, also based on recommendations from B&B, but I fear that it too will be too strong.

I've read that some of you cut your aftershaves to dilute their power. Could anyone give me more details? I believe that witch hazel is a popular diluting agent, is there anything else that works? What ratios do you use?
probably 30-40% witch hazel would be good for AV since it is pretty strong.other weaker a/s would probably be around 20%.
Diluting with straight witch hazel will dilute the alcohol content of most aftershaves. Make a base from half grain alcohol, half witch hazel then add Aqua Velva until the fragrance is at the strength you like.
i generally do a splash of AS in one hand, scoop a bit of water out of the sink with the other, rub them together, and then apply

Reduces the lingering scents and makes the AS last a while longer
I don't wear AS that often so I don't like a strong, lasting scent. The last batch I mixed was 1/3 AV and 2/3 WH. I liked that better than straight. It still smells good, but it fades quick. I may try 50-50 next time to see if that's better. I measure with a small paper cup and pour it into an empty WH container. I don't make more than a few ounces at one time since it's not used that often. Recently I started using Musgo Real AS. It's not overpowering so I don't need to dilute it. I do apply it with wet hands because it spreads easier.
If you find Aqua Velva strong and persistent, you'll probably find Pinaud products to be more so. Fortunately it seems as if they are simple to thin. If you want a lighter fragrance, I would suggest Proraso's splash. A nice herbal opening that fades quickly. Also, some of the Japanese AS like Lucido might be up your alley.
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