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Creams and lather bowls

Being a cream guy and a bowl latherer anyone love their lather bowls? I am also a cold shaver so holding warmth isn't necessary. Everyone talks about cheap mugs and bowls but is there one with ridges? I saw an acrylic one that was cheap that I may purchase but I'm looking for suggestions. And I don't want to spend as much as a good razor on it.
I visited my local Goodwill-type stores and paid .25 each for several I THOUGHT would work. I tried all of them and kept the 2 or so that I thought worked the best and donated the ones I didn't like back to the store. I found, that for me, the ceramic ones with a rougher finish on the bowl part worked best. The one or two metal ones I tried did not work at all. My theory is that the smoothness of the metal did not lend itself to whipping up the lather-the lather simply got "pushed" around the bottom of the bowl by my brush.

No need for something high-brow and expensive. If you don't want to use something purchased from Goodwill long term, TRY the bowls from Goodwill, figure out what characteristics the ones that work for you have, and then go buy a new version with those characteristics.


I tried lathering in a large coffee mug and it worked very well. The mug had sort of ridges inside of it which seemed to help.

I found this little blue bowl at a local antique mall on sell for $4.00. Absolutely love it. It's got a very bumpy texture and lathers very well. Good size to hold and looks cool too.


Funny thing is that I now find myself shopping around the home stores looking at mugs and bowls thinking "that'll hold a puck of soap nicely" or "I bet that would lather nicely." It's a sickness. RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

I also bowl lather creams most of the time. A couple of months ago, based on a post here, I picked up a blue Thomas O'Brien bowl at Target for $4. I wish I had found this bowl before I spent money on a scuttle. It's about 4.5" across the top, fits nicely in the palm of my hand and I get a great lather with it. It's stacked loose in the stoneware section and marked Thomas O'Brien China on the bottom. I haven't used my scuttle since I bought it.
I have a faint blue Williams-Sonoma latte mug/cup that I picked up at my local Goodwill store for a buck. Yes you heard it right, 1 dollar US. I love it. However, when I get a larger brush it may turn out to be a bit on the small side. I can post a pic later if you care to see it.
Might I suggest getting a Pottery Bowl from Sara? They have nice ridges and I here the work great. I am actually working with Sara to make me a custom black bowl. If you ask around everyone on B&B will have something nice to say about her she is very kind and easy to work with! :thumbup:


Nice stuff but I have little guys at home that love to destroy. Looking at rubber, acrlic or damn cheap.
I second the second hand store suggestion, I have found a few ceramic bowls that, for me, are perfect, while at kitchen type stores they never had one that was right, one was close but I found it to be to smooth and "bowl like" causing my lather to climb out of the bowl. I ended up finding one at a salvation army store for 49 cents that fit my hand perfect, wasn't to deep with a flat bottom, was ceramic, had ridges and slightly narrowing walls toward the top, but those are just my preferances and YMMV.
I lather in the $3 candy dish that I bought at an antique store. B/c it is a glass bowl, it remains warm after I take it out of the hot water in the sink. As a result, I get cream that remains warm throughout the shave.
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