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Soap Bowls for 3" Pucks?


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I've been using the Fine Accoutrements puck bowl that's red and white that I originally ordered a few years ago with a puck of Fine American Blend. For some reason, I developed an allergy to the American Blend in the last 3rd or so of the puck, so I chucked the remainder and cleaned the bowl and ordered a couple of pucks from Mike's, one of which will go into the bowl.

I then went to Fine's site to buy another bowl because I really like this one, but unfortunately they no longer make them, only lather bowls. Googling around, I'm not really finding much aside from tupperware, tins, and cheap stamped steel bowls. I like having a dedicated bowl for 3" artisan pucks that looks the part.

Can anyone recommend another bowl to look at?

I got a wooden one from Connaught for around 10 GBP, looks very nice. They also sell some plastic tubs at a much lower price, I got 3 of those. I found them very serviceable


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Old Spice mug, the later milk glass ones. If anything looks the part ...

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