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couple of beginner q's and intro


I had a question about the Merkur HD versus the Slant. From the pics I can see it looks like one side of the Slant is actually slanted, but the other side looks like a normal Merkur HD safety bar. So I guess my question is, can the slant perform like an ordinary HD if you use only that side?

I'm really tempted to get a slant because when I use razors I always shave 'chevron'-wise and I know it performs much better (cutting mechanics and all that).

I'm waiting on a Futur, bar soap and badger brush (should be in Tuesday) -- and also a styptic pencil! Thinking of picking up a bunch of tryouts from Scotto -- great people, great site you've got here. I have a feeling Nancy Boy will be a very good idea for a beginner.

I've been reading the site over the weekend (sneak peek midweek before I ordered). Remembered some barbershop cutthroat shaves and wondered if I could experience that again. Recently been exasperated with how dull and useless my shaving assortment (mach3, schick) has become -- even spot cuts around the chin don't work!

If you're new, get the HD... it's a great razor.

NB is also very good cream, but don't get your expectations up too high or you'll be disappointed... it's good, but it gets such good reviews some folks get inflated expectations.
I think the slant is for more advanced users judging by what I've read. It kind of looks a bit scarier too...lol. Being totally new to the DE scene myself, I ordered a HD (which I'm still waiting on). Originally thought about a Futur, but after a bit of reading found that to be directed at more advanced users also..?

What's more, I like the look of the HD better (although that's not gonna mean too much if it does turn out to be the wrong decision and I end up ripping half my face off lol)
As noted, the Slant Bar is slanted on both sides. It gives a great shave, but probably you should develop your technique on something like an HD: learn to control blade angle, use light pressure, and get the "feel" of shaving. Then, once you are regularly getting good shaves, try the Slant Bar. It requires a sharp blade and a light touch and multiple passes to sneak up on the final, against-the-grain pass, but it delivers a beautiful shave. I like it so much that I sold my chrome model so I could buy one in gold. "The Angel's Razor." :001_smile

Oh, I see you've ordered the Futur. That will work fine for developing technique. Start with the adjustment at 1, and work it up .5 each day until you get the shave you like. 1.5 works for me...

And the alum bar---don't forget the alum bar. Great way to wrap up a shave, just before the aftershave.
Go for it, Mitch. You can readily sell the chrome HD on the selling threads, and then get the gold. I actually was smart enough to get HD in gold to start with---but didn't get the Slant Bar in gold. :bored: But now the gold SB is on the way.
Thanks for the welcome, all.

I'll probably get afflicted and end up buying an HD, Slant, maybe Classic in that order. But I'll try to learn from those before, and order the gold's straight up ;-)

Thanks for the Nancy Boy advice.. I'm going to get a sampler of creams and blades too.
I know that some will disagree. But I like the Gillette Adj. much more than my HD. I like that I can dial it back if I get carried away. It's usually set on the same gap (#) as my HD. But it's my escape route.

Chance favors the prepared mind!
Hey again all,

Got a bunch of stuff in the mail -- went out to the PO this morning at 7am :blushing: just so I could be well shaved today and wouldn't have to use the two bic disposables with the Proraso I got from Target yesterday. The silly target has this funny mood-lit section, but no razors! Talk about half-assed...

Jim, I'm in WDM. DeS MoineS to some, and De Moi to others :) I saw a thread about first names. My name is nondon, pronounced pretty much like london, but at work I'm usually just Dan.

Just praying I don't cut myself up this morning -- first DE shave!

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