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Coticule Quartz Inclusion

I am looking at a coticule to purchase and there is a crystal looking thing on the side of it, about 2.25mm x 1mm, bigger than a speck. I don't think there's any way of knowing if this thing goes any deeper into the coticule, right?

When it comes to finding these inclusions, is it like finding a ladybug where you just flick it away and move on with your life, or is it like finding a termite and an explosion of more termites is bound to happen?
It's on a website so I'm not sure if I can post those pictures on here. This question is more on tendencies of inclusions rather than identifying what it is.

Are inclusions more often found as clusters in pockets of coticule rock, or are they evenly spread throughout the layers? I ask because I've seen "sparkly" coticules that don't just have one random speck of something like quartz, but the entire coticule is riddled with them.
Impossible to say one way or another, even with photos. But - without photos there is zero chance of getting a read on it. Mother Nature has an awful sense of humor and you can find stones with no inclusions, one inclusion, or nests of inclusions. Coticules are not 'pure' stone, they are a mashup of many things; coti's with sparkly bits are common and I would not say those flecks are 'inclusions' - they're just part of the stone's makeup. To me, an inclusion is like a dandilion in a rose garden - an unwanted problematic intrusion. Shiny flecks are not necessarily that - but a full blown quartz crystal sticking up out of the stone would be another story.
I bought this and it had a section in the middle which made razors skip and chip the edge, I lapped the stone until I was about half way through the depth, the inclusions moved gradually down the stone but I never got through them.
All coticules have inclusions, vintage or modern. Seemingly vintage coticules have less but in reality there is no telling.

Thanks fellas, I contacted the seller about it and he says it's not anything to worry about. He's a head honcho when it comes to these stones, so I trust him.
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