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Preshave: the works, and a "hot towel"

soap/brush: RoundUp Foam and brush from prestone car interior cleaner

razor/aftershave: husqvarna 51 and gasoline a/s splash

cologne: blue coral wheel magic spray cologne
So, does anyone need any shaving gel? :blush:



Pre- Rubbed in a little Worchestire sauce in before the hot towel

Cream- Hellman's Original (I think there's been a reformulation, my NOS tubs from Ebay seem to lather a little thicker)

Brush- "Brush Hawk" with it's synthetic metal knot, this thing is great for exfoliating and giving that "very scrubby" feel

Razor- 32/32's Wal-Mart "Stainless, China" blade. This thing was a total pain to hone but the shave is superb

A/S- Franks Red Hot, while some people prefer a cooling aftershave, I love a nice scorching burn at the end of a great shave!

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Alright, it took me awhile to get to it, but I finally finished my entry. I'll have you know I had actually had to purchase the Edge gel.

Personal Journal and SOTD Log: Edmund Hillary

03 April, 1953

As preparations continue for next month's ascent, Mr. Norgay has grown increasingly concerned about sub-freezing temperatures at Everest's higher elevations. I've assured him that he'll find me fully prepared to acclimate to the conditions.


Soap: Mama Bear's Awakenings
Brush: Plisson Black Badger
Razor: Merkur HD Slant
Blade: Feather
AS: Mama Bear's Summer Lime Ice (extra menthol)
Hey guys (and good evening ladies),

Looks like other folks besides me also use out-of-the-ordinary gear!

Well, you can see that I'm pretty religous about using my home-honed straight blades. I like the really big ones cause after just a few months I shave the metal right down and I need to switch blades. I get around that by putting a cutting edge on each end and making up a half-dozen at a time. No scales... kinda girly and unnecessary.

So my pre-shave is pretty standard. I prefer the straight 30-weight. Makes the blade slip over my skin right nice. To be honest, my homemade blades are a bit on the aggressive side, so the pre-shave oil is pretty much a given.

Following that I prefer a scrubbier brush with very little flop and I've found that no fancy schmancy soaps or creams foam and peak-up better than your good ol' fashioned scrubby bubbles. The thing I love best about them bubbles is they make my mornin' shave smell just like Ma's bathroom in the spring time!!

After a good couple o' ATG swipes I follow it off with a good splash of Tiki torch oil... stay away from the candles though... trust me on that one. Still PLENTY of burn in that stuff without the fire and it takes swell care of any weepers. And in case you got careless and stepped on a cat or something when you was shavin', some diluted ammonia works great as a styptic and it's alot cheaper too! You can buy it under a bunch of names in these nice dispenser bottles. I bought this "After Bite" back in 1997 and it's still half full.

Finally no shave is right in northern michigan without a spritz or two from good o'l Deep Woods Off. I hear a bunch of talk on this board about your sandlewood and pine and other trees... well all those trees are in this stuff, and another one called "Deet", that's why it's called Deep WOODS I guess. I figure alot of you fella's would probably like it, so give it a try! Best thing is it keeps the skeeters off ya when you're scaring-up a lady or two down by the swamp. The girls really like a man that's not covered in mosquito bites. That's just a little tip from this guy. No charge. The other good thing about it is that it makes your next shave better'n the last one too. Nothing makes shaving harder than trying to get around all the chigger bites and stuff.

Well, I gotta run.

Night all!
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