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Confession of an AD affliction, but having fun

OK, I started this about a year ago. Initially I had one brush, one razor and one cream that I liked and used. Of course I first had to sample a variety of blades to find that there were 2 that I had to use. Then I decided to acquire and try a bunch of different DE razors. I now have 7 of those and I rotate through most of them. Then I wanted a better brush, but one was not enough and I needed one for bowl lathering and one for face lathering. I now have 4 brushes. Of course my first bowl wasn't right so I had to buy a bigger, better one. Then I thought I should experiment with a variety of creams. That has been the most fun. Unfortunately, I found one cream that I really like from most of the name brand producers. Fortunately, Trumper's and CF are not on that list. And, while trying all of the different creams I thought I should experiment with matching and non-matching A/S splashes and balms; I never used A/S before all of this. Naturally I now have enough creams and A/S to last me a long, long time. What comes next? I am thinking of jumping into bar soap sampling for the shower.
I am thinking of jumping into bar soap sampling for the shower.

This is hilarious; because I started doing this about a week ago.
The Dial Cranberry and glycerin soap is very gentle and leaves my skin soft; but Irish Spring original makes an amazing lather. I have been tempted to shave with it, it's that good.

Ivory Original rinses the best, though.

When I do this, I use it for my hair and everything. I am trying to see what replaces shampoo best.
Thanks, but I tried a couple of her creams and the scents were not for me. I would try some of her bath soaps but she seems to be out of most flavors.
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