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Comprehensive Guide to Shaving Mugs and Bowls?

I’m surprised there’s still no comprehensive guide to shaving mugs and bowls here. Another possibility is my searching skills suck monkey balls. Main issues that in my opinion should be tackled:

– Differences between mugs, bowls, scuttles, etc. To put it plainly, what are the comparative advantages of a deep mug, a bowl with a large base, a conic container, etc.?
– Has the material used any influence on the lather? Do pewter, wood, porcelain, grainy-textured ceramic, etc. behave differently as to how you build up lather?

I personally replaced my standard mug which was too small for my Vulfix #2236 with a Villeroy & Boch sugar basin.


The base is not that large but the semi-conical shape allows quick, efficient swirls.


On top of that, the handle and the general shape of the sugar basin make it comfortable to hold it slantwise, in the palm of the hand.


What’s your take?
I use a "modified scuttle" as I like to call it.

I have a mug that I fill with the hotest tap water I can get (which in my apartment is quite hot) and I soak my brush in that water. I also have a small rice bowl I purchased from World Market that I warm with hot water. After building the lather in the now warm bowl, I place the bowl on top of the mug and it does a very nice job of keeping the lather warm. I like my set-up nice warm lather!


Does any of you use bowls with a lid on it? Meaning: suppose you heat the bowl from underneath (just like in Adams picture), do any of you use the same technique but with a closed lid to prevent the heat from escaping upwards?

The only downside to this would be the fact that the heat cannot escape resulting in condensation of the hot air meaning possible more water drops in the lather, impacting the lather quality in general.

Seems that from some of my other posts my mind is on a role and continuously wondering but then again I don't mind: if my grooming experiences can increase due to these wonders, then I'm happy to take the bait! :wink:

That sounds like a very good idea. Seems like the only problem is that you would need a bowl deep enough for the lid to fit over your brush. That, I would think, would make mixing the lather difficult. Perhaps a very high domed lid, though....


That is a fantastic looking bowl. Where did you get it from?
That is a fantastic looking bowl. Where did you get it from?
The bowl is actually a sugar/jampot from Villeroy & Boch which is now a German society, though it was founded by French Lorrainers and their main vitroporcelain factory is in Luxemburg. The sugar basin is from their recent line of products Metropolitan New Wave.
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