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Nice clean scent,white bar soap with a touch of mens "aqua" type cologne in it. Very good lather,smooth and creamy,lasts long and irritation free.Has menthol,but my face does not get a cooling sensation from it. Not as concentrated as Agressia,but still plenty left in the brush for an extra shave.Another wonderful cream from Bulgaria...Don't forget to keep it out of your mucous membranes !


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I'll add to Ron's report. I just tried the Compass Ice Energy. It lathered easily and gave a very good shave. The scent is mild and fresh. The menthol is very light in this Compass cream too despite its name.


Nice post Bobcat !...looks like they have 3 creams now,3 matching balms,but no aftershaves..Bulgaria has a real myriad of shaving creams,and they are all top notch.


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Over the years I have tried many creams and aftershaves that list menthol as an ingredient,yet the amount is so small you just can't get the cooling sensation....
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