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Cologne for bay rum?

Hello all, I've just recently got into bay rum AS. And now I'm wondering what type of cologne would go good with it. With the smell of the bay rum I don't think that my collection of Tommy, Drakar Noir and such would really blend well and compliment the rum. I was wondering if there are any kindly gentlemen out there that could point me in the right direction, as having themselves already made this discovery. Thanks for all the help
I would recommend Saint Charles Shave Bay Rum with a Twist. The twist is a dash of Lime. Excellent Bay Rum Cologne {Eau De Toilette} and the price is only in the $15.00 range for 2oz. Very long lasting and smells great. Check out the website . saintcharlesshave.com
It really depends on the bay rum you're using, but I've generally found that warm, spicy scents work best with bay rums. The two I'd like to recommend would be L'Occitane's Eau de Baux and Vetivier. They're not too overpowering and are generally within anyone's budget.

Littlemax has recommended a cologne with a bay rum base. It's a good scent, but be very careful. I've found that Saint Charles Shave's colognes to be very powerful, and you don't need much. This makes them an excellent value for your buck. If you over-apply the Bay Rum with a Twist, you almost smell like some sort of soda pop. New Spice would also be a good choice, but again, be very careful with the application.

There are Bay Rum colognes that last a bit longer than the after shaves, my favorites are Meehan Bonny Doon and St John. For a "similar" scent, is my favorite is C&S Cuba, it reminds me of the child of Bay Rum and Spanish Leather. I love Cuba, but there are folks here who feel differently
Thanks for the suggestions fellas! I will be ordering at least one of these, as soon as payday puts some money in my acount that is.
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