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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by honeycutt, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Colonel Conk

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    Glad you took the time to make it workable! I think all to often products can get a bad rap by people who are inexperienced or refuse to learn.
  2. Yea Mike that's true. This was my first time using a glycerin based soap. I learned (1) this soap is great, (2) learned how to lather this soap. (3) + great shave.
  3. Again thanks to all of you that posted. Great forum. Great members.
  4. rockviper

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    We are all here to help, @honeycutt , and you know what? Most of us end up learning (or re-learning!) something along the way.
  5. So true.
  6. I enjoy Col Conk Bay Rum. A new puck seems to be slightly resistant to lather and what works for me is to return the left over lather including what you can squeeze from the brush to the top of the puck in the mug. Then it lathers nearly as quickly as from blooming the soap. It is one of the soaps in my rotation and I shaved with it this morning. I usually use a Silvertip with it.
  7. Thanks for the tip Big Jim.
  8. Colonel Conk

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    Awesome! So happy you enjoy it!

  9. PeteVK

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    Just wanted to say that Col Conk Bay Rum has been my first shaving soap and I've been committed to learning how to make it work prior to moving on to another soap. I've definitely had some ups and downs, but this thread, plus some advice that @Colonel Conk gave in another really helped me out.

    Thank you to @honeycutt @rockviper @Colonel Conk and @mio_cuggino as their methodology worked amazing. I bloomed it while I showered, and then went to town like a bat out of hell on the lather in a bowl once I had the brush loaded and had the best lather yet with this soap!

    I almost forgot, one important detail that Mike recommended was to melt the puck into a mug or bowl to give it more surface area, and this really sped up the loading process, especially since I've been using the 2.25oz puck, which is rather small.
  10. Colonel Conk

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    Awesome! So glad to hear that you got it! Now that you have the basics figured out you can tweak it to your liking. A little more water for a nourishing and hydrating shave or a little less for ridiculous cushion and slickness.
  11. I always put a puck of Col Conk or VDH into a shave bowl (4" x 2") and microwave it for about a minute, put in fridge to cool, Col. Conk in any scent makes a great lather. It seems to me that it's about the same as VDH soap.
  12. Colonel Conk

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    A MINUTE?! Im sorry to disagree and say this, but I would strongly advise you not microwave my soap for that long. Cut into 1/4's it should not take longer than 25 seconds total. I say this because microwaving it for that long will most definitely cook off ingredients. If its steaming in the slightest when you remove it from the microwave it was "cooked" far to long.
  13. rockviper

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    Agreed, multiple (as many as needed) short 8-10 sec bursts will do the job of melting the soap without cooking it or flashing off much of the scent.
  14. I use my old microwave that I have in my shop that is not very powerful, if i use it for a bowl of soup i have to put it on 15 min. my wife won't let me use the one in the kitchen
  15. rockviper

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    Ah, almost like using your armpit then? :letterk1: @Tallships
  16. yup. it's old and slow like me:001_rolle
  17. Pepin

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    Why melt it?
    I have my puck of Bay Rum in an Old Spice mug. Yes, the puck is smaller than the mug, but after a short while of use it will stay in one spot. The initial time with the puck moving during loading has no effect on the lather.
  18. I used to like to use my old mug but now I like a 4 in. bowl. I've been weeding out vegan soap and preferring tallow based (Cella, pressed Arko in bowl, and Williams/Dove)
  19. Colonel Conk

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    I also like to melt my soap into its container. For me it makes it easier to load my brush do to the drastically increased surface area. Its easier to bloom. Its easier to keep "clean" ( I know keeping soap clean is redundant)... and Its quieter!

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